Welcome to Minerva-Med
Minerva-Med is derived from the University of Sheffield’s Medical School’s Managed Learning Environment – Minerva. It is a web-based database-driven central resource for qualified doctors fulfilling many functions relating to the delivery and management of patient care in an NHS hospital. Information available is in the format of guidelines, protocols, timetables, contact information, integrated learning activities, discussion boards and news bulletins.

With the development of Minerva Med links are planned with Sheffield Hallam University and the Yorkshire deanery for the provision of training through delivery of the Core Medical Training curriculum.

Minerva was the multi-talented Roman goddess of learning, medicine, science, arts and crafts. She was the patroness of academics, physicians and artisans. In Roman tradition, she has been equated with Meditrina, the healing goddess, from which 'medicine' was derived. The figure of Minerva is incorporated into the ceremonial Mace which was presented to the University of Sheffield by Pro-Chancellor Alderman Franklin in 1909.

For any further information regarding Minerva-Med please contact the Minerva team:

Ash Self (eLearning Manager)
Rod Kersh (Medical Lead)
Hazel Maloney (Postgraduate Liaison & Logistics)